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Globalization is important for companies to explore international markets to enhance competitive advantage and to seek growth and profit. Today, decision-makers are focusing their attention on one of the hottest...
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Building Brand Equity for Higher Valuation

I have been an active investor for years, and trust me, preparing a start-up for a successful exit is not easy. Investors invest in ventures with exceptionally high growth potential...
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Mastering the art of an “Elevator Pitch”

A compelling argument is an imperative for securing an investment or winning a deal. Most of the start-ups are often asked: What does your Startup do? Most of the companies...
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“Market Intelligence”: A Key Growth Driver

Companies have invested huge sums in emerging markets and yet they are struggling. For many of them, it is becoming difficult to build customer and revenue traction. The reasons are...
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Competitive Intelligence (CI) for Building an Informed Strategy

“Competitive intelligence should be viewed as a crucial element when building a 2020 business strategy. Understanding competitor motivations and behaviors helps shape product development, pricing, brand positioning and more. The...
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“Market Intelligence”: Mitigation of Portfolio Risks for VCs

Venture Capital (VC) Firms invest in start-ups and new ventures. These investments provide capital for running start-ups and growth stage companies. The funds are invested in ventures with exceptionally high...
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