Management Advisory

SeedFire provides seed capital to start-ups and early-stage companies. However, once the companies start growing, their requirements change.

SeedFire provides advisory in the following areas:

Investment Advisory


For any successful start-up or a growth stage company, time comes when it needs larger capital to pole vault.


  • Advises companies on funding needs and valuations.
  • Provides active support in investor targeting, acquisition and finalizing term-sheets depending on the sector and the stage.

Exit Strategy

Exit can be  in the form of selling of equity, M&A or an IPO. Successful exit can be achieved only through meticulous design and implementation.

SeedFire, by virtue of its experience of providing successful exits to its portfolio companies:

  • Works closely with companies from early stages in their life cycles to design the exit strategy.
  • Creates an execution blueprint that changes odds in their favour.

Go-to-Market Advisory

Creation of a distinctive and adaptive Go-to-Market strategy sets successful companies apart.

Many start-ups fail because they cannot sell. A business may have developed terrific products and put together a supremely talented management team, but success ultimately hinges on persuading significant numbers of customers. Increasingly, in a VUCA world, the GTM strategy needs to be future focused, customer centric and yet incorporate agility and flexibility to ensure that it stays aligned to the business and financial goals. SeedFire works closely with companies to define a sharp, future relevant and integrated GTM strategy for maximum impact. 

Our areas of expertise:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Positioning Strategy
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Building Sustainable Competitive Advantage
  • Communication Strategy
  • Distribution Strategy

Executive Mentoring

SeedFire team works closely the founders and CxOs to create a superior strategy (“What do we do?”) and align that with an execution blueprint (“How do we do it?”) to attain successful outcomes. SeedFire team also advises on certain important matters such as Capital Routing, Market Entry and Expansion including JVs and M&As.

Our areas of expertise:

  1. Strategic Roadmap
  2. Capital Efficiency
  3. KPI framework for measuring and monitoring the performance
  4. Product Strategy
  5. Technology Roadmap