Sales Transformation

Sales Transformation

Companies go through multiple sales and revenue related challenges such as a Declining Sales Revenues, Declining market share, Increasing cost of sales, Changing market- product mix, Salesforce mergers etc.

Creation of a distinctive and adaptive Go-to-Market and Sales strategy sets successful companies apart.

Spectrum of services includes:

Strategic Sales

Within strategic sales our services include :

Sales Readiness Due Diligence / Assessment

Seamless alignment of Corporate, Marketing and Sales strategies is important for effective GTM. GTM defines success in target market penetration, price realization, product Mix, brand equity and efficient distribution.

We work closely with senior sales executives and other key stakeholders to provide quantitative and qualitative assessment of the key sales drivers including product, marketplace, customers, sales strategy, sales methodology and revenue projections. “As – Is” and Gap Analysis is further used to build a seamless and comprehensive Go to Market Strategy and Execution Plan aligned with your corporate strategy.


Key Assessment Areas


  • Corporate Strategy
  • Management Team
  • Current Market Traction
  • Current Revenue Traction
  • Revenue Objectives

Product & Market

  • Market Segment
  • Positioning, Differentiation and pricing
  • Value Proposition
  • Competition Landscape
  • Customer value Drivers, touch points, Buying personas

Sales & Technology Readiness

  • Sales Infrastructure
    • Assets & Tools
    • People, Process and Coverage
    • Lead Generation
  • Technology Deployment
    • CRM
    • Marketing Automation

The due diligence helps our customers further develop GTM Strategy Design and Build

Direct Sales Strategy

By analyzing your goals and creating or refining your customer segmentation model, we can help identify the structure and strategy to best meet your needs. A well-defined sales process is critical to accelerate sales growth. We help companies define the process to minimize the sales cycle and maximize ability to achieve their revenue goals.

The elements of our strategy include :

  • Account Segmentation
  • Lead Management (MQL to SQL) Process Design
  • Sales Process Design
  • Sales Force Design (Structure and Size)
  • Sales Infrastructure Design

Route to Market Strategy

Partnership is a powerful tool and hence Channel is valuable for revenue growth. SeedFire is well positioned to identify potential business partners and establish a network by building strategic alliances globally to help our customers grow.

We determine the optimal route to market and design effective selling strategies across all channels – digital and traditional, based on our precise assessment of channel performance, channel economics, and customer preferences.

The elements of our strategy include :

  • Distribution
  • Resell
  • OEM
  • Direct
  • Web

Strategic Customers Management Strategy

A significant portion of your business comes from a small number of strategic large customers. Our Strategic Customers Management process will help you manage those key customers as strategic assets and significantly grow your revenues YoY and also the CLTV

The elements of our strategy include:

Build strategic, long-lasting relationships with your best customers

Expand penetration in your largest accounts

Time Management

Effective Pitch to move up the value chain to sell Top-Down effectively

Account action plans with metrics to measure, monitor and control the outcome