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Indian Market Entry

New Market Strategy

Developing & executing an impeccable entry strategy is critical to success. Successful strategic outcomes are best achieved when those responsible for execution are also part of the planning or formulation process.

While entering new markets for substantial additional revenues, an integrated product, branding, marketing and GTM strategy is important. We ensure that our customers use the right marketing mix, use the right promotional channels and the promotional tactics are aligned with the brand strategy to maximize returns on marketing investments.


What could work ?

Intent of India Entry

Existing product or services Exploration

Company SWOT, Structure and Vision

India Relevancy

SWOT & Opportunity Analysis

Due Diligence

Market Issues

Market Analysis & Assessment

Location Analysis



Break Even Analysis

Route to Market

Regulatory Issues

Regulatory Analysis

Investment & Company Structure formation Advisory

Tax Planning & Accounting Practices

Macro & Micro Business Environment Analysis

Strategy & Execution

Strategy Formulation & Execution Plan

Entry Strategy

Market Segmentation

Positioning Strategy

Pricing Strategy

Brand, Communication, Social Media & PR Strategy

GTM Strategy

Distribution Strategy

Strategy Plan Finalization & Roll out of the Business Plan

Grow & Sustain

Market Strategy Fine Tuning

Operations Roll Out

Addressing of Growth & Expansion Issues

Explore more Markets & Channels

Expand Partners Network

New Opportunity Exploration

Where-are-We Analysis

Where-Do-We-Want-to-Be Analysis

How-Will-We-Get--There Planning

Untapped Opportunities

New Opportunities

Market Consolidation, Market Expansion & Opportunity Exploration

Opening the US Market

Seedfire helps companies develop an entry strategy based on revenue and/or growth opportunities given customer buying habits.

SeedFire has vast experience in enabling helping technology companies establish US operations, and offers all the core services required in one place – including market assessments, sales & marketing, tax & financial, legal, real estate and human resources.

The spectrum of services includes

Market Validation

Market Entry Strategy

Growth Strategy

Channel Strategy